RECICLOS is the return and reward system that, through mobile technology, offers sustainable and social incentives to reward the environmental commitment of citizens who, both in their homes and outside, deposit cans and plastic bottles in bins or yellow containers.

RECICLOS is partnering with online casinos to offer cashback and rewards through mobile technology incentives to encourage citizens’ environmental commitment. Thus, cans and plastic bottles end up in trash cans or yellow containers, while the Caxino casino review expresses its gratitude in the form of free spins bonuses. In today’s world, sustainable and social incentives are essential for a clean environment, which online casinos are positively trying to promote.

The RECICLOS web app turns the recycling habit into local sustainable inventive reward points, which you can support and help improve your local area: your neighbourhood, city or your neighbours’ quality of life. These incentives come in the form of discounts on public transport, low-emission mobility, donations to NGOs or development projects in your community. It is the only return and reward system (RRS) that rewards responsible environmental behaviour.

With RECICLOS, your commitment to recycling is transformed into benefits for you and many others.


RECICLOS fits in directly with the United Nations’ definition of Smart Cities, which use technology as a tool to optimise the efficiency of the urban area and its economy, provided that it serves to improve the quality of life of its citizens and protects nature. RECICLOS’ technological development incorporates innovation in relation to blockchain, artificial intelligence and image recognition Thanks to all this technology, this tool is able to strengthen the links between citizens and containers by means of mobile telephones and make recycling a habit that is rewarded.

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How does it work?

How does it work?

People are making ever more use of mobile telephones, hence RECICLOS is integrating mobile technology into the way it operates. Specifically, RECICLOS connects citizens with yellow containers through image recognition, apps and QR codes. It also offers containers and bins with built-in technology, enabling citizens to connect up with these infrastructures through their mobile phones in order to recycle and count how many times they have recycled.

In this way, committed citizens will obtain rewards that they can then exchange for sustainable incentives. Likewise, the number of participations, that is, obtaining RECICLOS, is limited for each citizen, so that, together with the recycling habit, responsible consumption can be encouraged.

Follow these steps to start using RECICLOS:

  • Register in the RECICLOS app.
  • Photograph the barcodes of the cans and plastic beverage bottles you consume.
  • Deposit them in the usual yellow container or in the machines located in busy places such as airports, universities and stations, among others.

Where and when

It was first implemented in several municipalities in Catalonia as a pilot project, in collaboration with the Generalitat de Catalunya. At present, RECICLOS is present in several municipalities in all the Spanish Autonomous Communities.

In addition, it is also located in some public areas such as other train stations and shopping centers.
In this way, the recycling of cans and plastic beverage bottles generated inside and outside homes is facilitated.


Where and when