TheCircularLab (TCL) is the first center of open innovation on circular economy created in Europe that aims to promote the best lines of innovation in the field of packaging and its subsequent recycling.




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Sustainability of the planet demands a transition from the old linear economy, based on ‘use and throw away’, towards a more rational concept: the circular economy, oriented to ‘reduce, re-use and recycle‘. This approach, aligned with economic growth without disregarding respect for the environment, defends turning waste into resources, on the basis of innovation.

TheCircularLab is the basic pillar in Ecoembes commitment to disruption. It is the first European innovation centre focused on the circular economy. Born in May 2017 in Logroño (La Rioja), it seeks to enhance the best innovation lines in the field of packaging and subsequent recycling.


TheCircularLab, in collaboration with companies, administrations and public, aims to study, conceive, test and apply best practices in a real environment through all phases of packaging life cycle, from conception to its reintroduction into the consumption cycle through new products.

Municipalities in La Rioja act precisely as a testing ground in the research of concepts such as the packaging of the future, smart waste management within smart cities, responsible consumption or development of new techniques and processes in order to improve recycling to the citizen.