TheCircularLab has set itself the challenge of devising, incubating and accelerating entrepreneurial programs. To achieve this, it is supported by Ecoembes open innovation program which aims to develop innovative solutions designed to facilitate collaborative work in the generation of new products and services related to the circular economy. In this line, ‘circular’ projects or business ideas are identified and generated in order to be supported, developed and accelerated once their technical and economic feasibility is verified.

TheCircularLab has the vocation to become the meeting point for environmental entrepreneurship and a great innovation showcase for companies working on recycling and environmental fields. It also aims to become a benchmark to which any entrepreneur –coming from University or star-tups-, SME’s, consolidated companies or investors around the world can have access and share their ideas and projects. In return, they can use a whole package of tools including information systems, assessment and training in order to validate their ideas and check value generation associated with the development of their services and products. In short, TCL is a space which enables to provide visibility to innovative products and services by promoting formalising partnerships with all sector stakeholders at both national and European level.


Ongoing projects:

Circular Design

Start-up accelerator