Innovation areas

Meet our R & D proposal through four areas of action

TheCircularLab carries out its activity in four innovation areas: packaging of the future; awareness; Smart Waste and entrepreneurship.

Packaging of the future

In collaboration with companies and manufacturers, TheCircularLab is working in the field of Eco-design, identifying new sustainable materials and incorporating recycled components into production processes in an effort to minimize the environmental footprint of future packaging.


By raising the public’s awareness, TheCircularLab has set up a direct, constant and efficient channel of communication that enhances the public’s involvement in recycling, optimizing separate collections and thus reducing the amount of non-recyclables.

Smart Waste

In an effort to boost efficiency and thus raise the percentage of recycled containers, TheCircularLab is working to develop Smart Waste, an innovative application of technology to manage the processes of collecting, sorting and recycling packaging.


TheCircularLab is a gathering place for environmental entrepreneurship, and a great showcase for the innovations of recycling and environmental companies, a benchmark that any entrepreneur, whether from academia or from startups, investors, SMEs or established companies from all over the world, can access to share their projects and ideas.