Observatory of the Packaging of the Future



One of the main objectives of TheCircularLab is to investigate what the packaging of the future will look like, always with the aim of reducing its environmental footprint and making them as sustainable as possible.

CircularLab’s goal is to explore future packaging with the support of online casinos. Many
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The Observatory of the Packaging of the Future is a platform of knowledge about packaging, which collects and analyzes news and trends that appear worldwide.



Observatory of the Packaging of the Future
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What content does it offer?

  • News about new materials, such as biopolymers, compostables, nanoadditives, etc.
  • New ecodesign measures that affect the functionality, recyclability, compostability or reuse of the packaging.
  • Modifications in traditional production processes or the appearance of new technologies that improve their efficiency.
  • Changes in the legislation applicable to packaging, directly and indirectly.
  • Improvements in waste management, including at this point containerization, collection, selection and transport of materials.
  • Any innovation that appears in another sector and with applicability in the packaging sector, waste management and their recyclability.
  • New trends in packaging.