Address Edición en Streaming
Duration 1h

The Future Packaging Observatory is a knowledge platform for packaging that collects and analyses news and trends from all over the world, including new eco-design materials and measures, legislative changes, modifications in current production processes and the appearance of new technologies that improve their efficiency, improvements in waste management, innovations from other sectors that are applicable to the packaging sector, etc.

In addition to the online platform, where users can read the news examined and verified by experts, every month a workshop will be held where the most relevant results are presented and the trends in the packaging sector are analysed. Attendees will be able to learn this information first-hand and have their questions answered by experts in packaging.

During this edition, we will also speak about waste management in Europe thanks to representatives from different Collective Systems of Extended Producer Responsibility (SCRAP), who will take part in the Workshop to explain the similarities and differences between countries and how they’re adapting to the changing European directives and new packagings.


11.00h – Welcome – Mr. Jorge García (Ecoembes)

11.10h – News highlights – Mr. Álvaro Díez (AINIA)

12.00h – Round table: Waste management in Europe

12.00h – Introducing the speakers – Mr. Jorge García (Ecoembes)

12.05h – Waste management in France – Mr. Axel Darut (CITEO) Presentation in English

12.20h – Waste management in Italy – Ms. Amanda Fuso (CONAI) Presentation in English

12.35h – Waste management in Belgium – Ms. Aurelia Leeuw (Fost Plus) Presentation in English

12.50h – Waste management in Spain – Mr. Jorge Serrano (Ecoembes)

13.05h – Round table: Questions and debate

13.30h – Closing