Address TheCircularLab – Parque Municipal de Jardinería. Carretera del Cristo 15. 26007 Logroño
Duration 2,5h

In September, TheCircularLab (TCL) is launching the Future Packaging Observatory, a knowledge platform for packaging that collects and analyses news and trends from all over the world.

In addition to the online platform, where users can read the news examined and verified by experts, every month a workshop will be held where the most relevant results are presented and the trends in the packaging sector are analysed. Moreover, this edition will feature experts on bioplastics who will present their vision on the subject, followed by a forum with the audience.

During the workshops, attendees will be able to visit TheCircularLab, a pioneering laboratory in Europe on the Circular Economy, and hold bilateral meetings with the Ecoembes team. The workshop will also be streamed for those who can’t attend in person.



10:30 – Registration and welcome

11:00 – What is the Future Packaging Observatory and how does it work?

11:15 – News highlights

12:00 – Coffee break

12:30 – Results of the market study: Perception of bioplastics by consumers

12:45 – Round table: Bioplastics

14:00 – Closing