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Address Parque Municipal de Jardinería, Carretera del Cristo, 15 - Logroño (La Rioja)
Duration 5 days

Google’s DESIGN SPRINT is a five-day process in which participants work together to find answers to critical questions for any project.

During the sprint the team will use Design Thinking techniques to generate new ideas and validate them with real users. In this way the development times will be reduced and the risks in decision making will be minimized. The Design Sprint methodology has been developed by Google Ventures and is used by startups such as Uber, Slack, Pocket or Nests to improve their products and make their businesses more profitable.

The course consists of two independent Sprints, each with a duration of five working days, to which the interested person can sign up for one of them individually or choose to participate in both. The challenges that will be worked on during these Sprints will be related to the CITIZEN, devising possible solutions that improve their recycling capacity and with ECODESIGN, working directly in the field of the Circular Economy that affects the product, its distribution and its useful life.