Bio-Bio Plastic

Within the ecodesign area, TheCircularLab researches new materials as part of its commitment to make future packaging ever more sustainable.

Bio-bio plastic is a bio-based material obtained from 100% decomposing organic material, such as potato peelings or any other plant waste.

Bio-Bio Plastic
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In addition to being bio-based, the plastic created at the innovation centre has the following properties:

  • Mechanically recyclable
  • Compostable
  • Biodegradable in a marine environment
  • Processable with conventional plastic transformation methods
  • Enables the manufacture of mono-material packaging

This material is achieved after mashing the plant waste and extracting glucose from it, which serves as food for a micro-organism that produces the biopolymer with which it is manufactured. As is the case with plastics derived from other non-plant sources, it could be used for the packaging of food and/or drink products. But, unlike these, as well as being recycled, it could be composted and even biodegraded in the marine environment.