Circular Talent Lab

Supporting and encouraging young talent

The initiative

From TheCircularLab we support and encourage young talent, through the creation of Circular Talent Labs, formed by multidisciplinary teams of university students and from other higher education levels. Participants work for 3-6 months in a defined challenge in the circular economy environment and within an open innovation ecosystem, where they can gain experience and boost their professional development.

For Ecoembes and TheCircularLab young talent occupy a high priority, which is why special attention is given to the selection of team members. Once defined the challenges (which can be raised by both Ecoembes and collaborating companies) the most appropriate teams are selected to solve them and the exact duration of the lab, as well as the mentors who will guide them and the training program they will follow. The ultimate goal is to obtain a viable minimum product that the company can industrialize.

The members of the lab participate in an unconditioned ideation process and within an environment of work and collaboration, which added to the mentoring and validation of the company, guarantee the success of the results after several editions.

This experience and specialization allows them to access the labor market of companies and entrepreneurs, in many cases of TheCircularLab’s own ecosystem.

Benefits for trainees

Benefits for trainees

  • Specific training
  • Results oriented work
  • Multidisciplinary teamwork
  • Work experience
  • Creative environment
  • Mentoring by experienced professionals
  • Inclusion in the E-Talent community of Ecoembes

Benefits for collaborating companies

  • Availability of a multidisciplinary work team external to the company
  • Groundbreaking ideas
  • Different points of view for a challenge
  • Supervision of work by experienced professionals
  • Candidates trained and validated for future hires of the company
  • Access to the TheCircularLab ecosystem (facilities, entrepreneurs, specialists, etc.)
  • Communicative potential and CSR
Benefits for collaborating companies