Recycling by incentives

As part of the Recycling 5.0 initiative, RECICLOS seeks to prove how technology and incentives can help citizens to recycle cans and bottles, more and better, destined to yellow containers and wastepaper bins. Specifically, RECICLOS is a pilot that aims to provide a new life to the waste we throw, trying to reduce the environment pollution.

Within this context, RECICLOS rewards the families that recycle and do it well. Every time a citizen throws a can or a bottle in the yellow container, and registers it with RECICLOS, he will win a reward that will have a positive impact on the environment.



reciclos fecha

It was first piloted in June 2019 and it will be tested until December 2019.





RECICLOS is being tested in the municipalities of Igualada, Granollers, Sant Boi de Llobregat and Pla de l´Estany; and aslo, in two Catalan universities and a hospital.

Citizens spend more and more time outside their homes and therefore, they not only consume packaging at home, but also outside it, depositing this waste in recycling bins.

There exists two types of infrastructures to connect citizens with their mobile phones when recycling: in the municipalities that have containers equipped with QR codes, and in the premises (universities, hospitals) via intelligent paper bins.



Through an innovative webapp, every time citizens takes pictures from cans and bottles before going to recycle to the yellow container, they will receive a recognition for their commitment (they will receive RECICLOS).

The first step consists to register on the webapp that will collect each recycling action carried out by the citizen. The citizen must first photograph the container making visible the bar code of each empty can or bottle, and go to the container or wastebasket to deposit the empty container.

Each container and wastebasket will have a QR code that the citizen will have to scan with his “smartphone” when throwing the bag or the container.

By scanning the QR code, the containers and bins will know that the citizen has recycled. Thanks to this action, the citizen will receive, through the web app, reciclos that will be able to exchanged. The greater the volume of recycled packaging, the greater the incentive or reward the person can receive, with a limit on packaging to encourage responsible consumption.

Incentives, how do they work?

Every time a citizen recycles a plastic can or bottle in the yellow smart bin or container, he will get a token called Reciclos that can be exchanged for a sustainable incentive related with the environment and society.

Visit the web apps for more information: