Smart waste

In order to promote efficiency and thus increase packaging recycling rates, TheCircularLab works in the development of Smart Waste, an innovative technological application for collection process management, selection and packaging recycling. Smart Waste aims to make progress in the implementation of an effective smart city model parting from a data collection tool capable of increasing knowledge about the impact of waste management.

This waste management chain platform coordinates:

  • Located and connected smart containers.
  • Trucks connected by GPS – determining weight and routes.
  • Smart route management in real time.
  • Use of electric or hybrid vehicles to reduce emissions.
  • Implementation and assessment of different modes of use for the data generated and information management.

Spain currently has 95 sorting plants where all packaging deposited in yellow containers is received in order to turn into a new raw material. To progress in modernizing processes, TCL has bet on industry 4.0 –Plant 4.0- by means of developing new control and optimization technologies for the treatment cycle as well as working on the optimization of efficiency in identification and automatic incoming waste tracking and flow control in sorting plants. All that is added to logistic chain analysis, vision and artificial intelligence system design and robot selection system implementation.

Ecoembes has targeted a recycling rate of 80% by 2020. It is a feasible percentage, but requires to continue working in order to achieve the recycling society. This aim will lead to innovation in areas such as automatic quality control of outgoing materials, quality certification of materials and development of digital logistics management systems for the recyclers.

TheCircularLab also works to integrate into its projects any innovation that affects life cycle global container – from its origin until it is given a new use – through Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), a tool for calculating the environmental benefits of proper waste management.